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"Mills' voice washes over you like a gentle sea breeze on a warm beach"

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Becky Mills : "Dandelion"

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Becky Mills' debut mainstream solo album : Dandelion (2013)


From an Amazon Reviewer : "Stunning album" *****

"Becky Mills’ solo outing, “Dandelion” is an absolute triumph. The opening track Amy Sharpe is a barnstorming celebration of modern English folk; joyously unafraid to employ instruments and arrangements more common to perhaps the Deep South. Becky's voice is velvety and deeply resonant with a pleasant northern twang. The melodies are accessible without being trite or simplistic whilst the imagery conjured by the songs is timeless and transportative.

"The search for a weak track on the album is as fruitless as the search for a surplus note within the tracks with each song painstakingly crafted yet effortlessly sung. This album provides essential listening to anyone new to traditional music or to those already blessed with an appreciation. “Dandelion” will surely catapult this hugely talented singer/songwriter towards a level of stardom rarely enjoyed by exponents of English Folk music."

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