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"Mills' voice washes over you like a gentle sea breeze on a warm beach"

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Waking the Witch : "Hands & Bridges"

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2005 release featuring guitar, vocals and original compositions by Becky Mills.


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2 February 2007

Format: Audio CD
I'll tell you how good this band are - on the Thursday I'd never heard of them but read a small article in the paper about them. Intrigued I listened to some clips of this album on the internet. On the Friday I drove for over an hour to see them live (and they were great).

This is their 2nd album and I don't really know how to describe their style as they're so individual they're very hard to pigeon hole. To say they're a less "poppy" version of The Corrs would be a big injustice to Waking The Witch but its the closest thing I can think of. The music's acoustic, guitar driven - the 4 female artists write their own material, play the instruments and take turns on lead vocal. Itunes have them in the "folk" section, but they're a bit more "rocky" than standard folk. Have a listen and make up your own mind - you'll love this album.
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