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Sneaky snaps on the road with Becky

It's been an absolutely bostin' summer so far. I've got 1 more gig to go next week at Cambridge (eek) and then I'm taking August off for a rest #hoorah #camping #quimper #beeftea. Here's a few "backstage snaps" from around & about the place, in recent months. Hope you like them :-) B xxx

I call this "Peering into the void". The inky void of unknowing. It's so bright onstage and so dark out there. Who's out there? Has anyone turned up? Do they hate me? :)

On the way to an actual London gig in an actual London taxi. Go me!

I've treated myself to a pretty new Tanglewood parlour guitar. It's ages since I've had a new guitar. Honestly, it is!

Sounchecking with Ashley Hutchings. We've been on the road at some gorgeous rural venues this Spring, courtesy of "Live and Local". Sometimes it's the village hall, often it's the local Church. Ash is such a gentleman and playing with him is a real treat.

Waiting for the door to open. And the place to open. This happens quite a lot. #HelloCleveland

Setting up is always fun. There's always someone to chat with you, help carry stuff, or advise you about the sound. It's brilliant, oh yes :)

Warming up with Ruth Angell at the wonderful folk club in Gt. Bardfield. Not sure about our funny onstage angle. I think we were midway thru a Shadows type dance.

That's me (lower L) in my best "waiting at the dentists" pose. Quite a thrill to share the stage with the immense "Banter" #nerves, then John Spiers hops up and does an impromptu floor spot #doublenerves. Amazing! :) :)

Folk clubs are usually wee. Wee and beautifully formed. Festivals on the other hand, are usually NOT WEE. Getting ready to ascend the massive staircase to the massive marquee stage to play my rather wee Tanglewood parlour guitar at Chagstock, Devon.

See my calm, serene body language? That's because I've just bust a string half an hour before the Nunnington Hall gig. My top 'E went kertwang. Karma sends you a bust string from time to time, just to keep one humble. Once it's gone once, will it go again....?

Mr Ashley Hutchings MBE enjoying a refreshing pre-gig Magnum. Nothing but the best for ol' Tiger.

Here I am setting up at an outdoor wedding in Newton-upon-Rawcliffe (my local village). The father of the bride asked if I could perform the same song I played at his wedding, many years ago (Mary Black's "The Golden Mile"). Look after your village, people!!

Emergency repairs for my gig wagon. If you look very, very carefully, you may discern a slight lean. Thanks in no small part to my latest enormous digital royalties cheque of £0.16 pence, she's back on the road!


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