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"Mills' voice washes over you like a gentle sea breeze on a warm beach"

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*NEW* Becky Mills : "Tall Tales and Home Truths"

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Out NOW! : latest solo album from Becky Mills, released 26th April 2019

"A sublime mix of traditional and modern folk, combining superb musicianship, a voice that will give you shivers at times and, most of all, lyrics to make you think and listen"

FATEA Magazine

Magical stories from the North Yorkshire moors : Becky Mills time-travels through folklore, family, love & loss - weaving a keen wit and beautiful playing into a very English alt-folk show

Written between 2015-2018 the songs bring to life some of the extraordinary true-life stories researched from Becky's family history, going back across many generations.

Cut through with the superstitions, folklores and mysteries of the North Yorkshire moors Becky calls home, “Tall Tales and Home Truths” is rooted in a strong and magical sense of place, where the wild moors suddenly meet the sea and the promise of a potentially different life beyond.

Also featuring :

- Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne (concertina, melodeon)

- Blair Dunlop (electric and acoustic guitars)

- Ruth Angell (violin, pump harmonium)

- Jonny Short (acoustic bass, cello)

- Marc Layton-Bennett (drums, percussion)


  1. My Brother’s A Farmer
  2. The Lady of Ballantyne
  3. Crocuses
  4. The Gunsmith’s Daughters
  5. (LIVE) No Tears for my Fisherman
  6. (LIVE) Last Look at Home
  7. City in My Lungs
  8. William
  9. Wheeldale Crossing
  10. Row Like Grace
  11. (Bonus track - CD version only) Barry Sheene
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