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"Sublime, gorgeous... a superb musician and singer​"
Peter Cowley, FATEA
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5 Recommended Christmas Albums for 2020
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What they say about "A Midwinter Miscellany" . . .

"Sophisticated songs for a sometimes saccharine season, this is a Christmas album with a big dollop of class"” Folk Radio UK


"Gorgeous & atmospheric"  RnR Magazine 


"A delightful seasonal offering from Ashley Hutchings, Blair Dunlop - and a truly magnificent songwriter, Becky Mills" At The Barrier Magazine

"The quasi-medieval setting of Animals' Carol is a particular delight” The Times

"A collection that will warm your cockles as we descend into winter, ever hopeful of the coming spring"” Folk London

"Mills in particular deserves mention for ‘Sweet November' - the feeling of long nights, warm hearths and snug comfort” Spiral Earth Magazine  * * * * 

"Naturally rustic and gorgeous on its own terms - a work which is bound to stand the test of time and defy any fashion.” Let It Rock Magazine

What they say about "Tall Tales and Home Truths" . . .

"A collection of warm humanity & emotional truth, written and sung by an exceptional storyteller"”

Oz Hardwick, RnR Magazine

“I couldn’t take it off of the CD player. Cracking songs, lovely stories – just beautiful things”

Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire


"A sublime mix of traditional and modern folk, combining superb musicianship, a voice that will give you shivers at times and, most of all, lyrics to make you think and listen"

Rory Stanbridge, FATEA Magazine

"Skillfully weaving together personal & historic themes, Becky has created a stylish modern take on the art & process of folk storytelling”

Dave Kidman, fROOTS

"Already a strong contender for 2019's Roots Music album of the year"”

Kevin Bryan, Original

"A finely wrought collection delivered with poise and finesse, Tall Tales and Home Truths displays the unfolding of a talent of considerable stature"”

John O'Regan, The Living Tradition


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“Wonderful story-telling -  a special talent. Moving stories and simply superb”

Jim Minall, Friends of Folk


“Becky Mills has a melodic vocal that enchants and commands the listener’s attention”

Jason Richie, GetReadyToRock

“Fabulous album. Beautiful, moving songs and stories. Tasteful arrangements. And sublime vocals!”

Andy Spiller, Hypercoaster Music

"A beautiful album. Really, really good songs, well sung

Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio "Celtic Heartbeat"

"Mills is a master storyteller and her bewitching songs are shot through with wisdom, imagining the mysterious lives of others with enormous sympathy"

The Musician (MU journal)

"Each song beautifully sung and played 

Ian Burgess, Friends of Fairport

"Beguiling, original songs of elegant crafting - crisp and full of meaning - from this pure-voiced singer. Highly recommended"

Bob Kenward, About Kent Folk

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Order direct from Becky here!

Mike Harding

Review of "Dandelion"

"I played this lady's CD twice tonight on a long drive home. I don't remember when I was so amazed at a singer / songwriter's work.

"No whining platitudes, strong stories and great arrangements - and she sings from the soul."


Peter Cowley, FATEA

Review of  "From Psychedelia to Sonnets" CD with Ashley Hutchings


" 'Til The Time We Meet Again' is sung beautifully by Mills.

… 'A Song of Two Bridges', where Angell and Mills alternate the lead vocals is another highlight…"


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Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky

Review of "Dandelion"


"A fine example of Becky's exceptional songwriting ability, & serves as a captivating introduction for those who may have missed her previous work"



"I have a very large address book, full of musical contacts over 50 years.

When I have a new project nearly always the first person I go to is Becky. 

A wonderful singer, guitarist, songwriter and totally reliable friend."

Ashley Hutchings MBE

Founder of Fairport Convention


Tony Charnock


Review of Becky Mills solo gig


"Becky Mills came to us at the Topic as a late stand-in following a last-minute cancellation, her name suggested by an agent who heard of our plight. Out of the blue, she gave us a night to remember, shining in every department: her songs, voice, delivery and rapport with the audience were second to none.


"Becky’s overriding strength is in the quality of her songwriting. Some of her songs are about the small, things to which we can all relate: the promise of an early spring day, a family trip to the seaside, a lullaby: these linger long in the memory, popping in to the mind every now and then, fresh yet familiar; others about major life changing events such as Pretty Young Things, a song about an unwanted teenage pregnancy, but it encompasses so much more: a real gem, one of those powerful haunting songs which stay with us for all time. Lovely imagery in some, the hard cruelty of life in others.


"All superbly crafted. Her excellent CD  “Dandelion” is one of those 'must-haves'.


"Becky has now become a regular in our booking schedules"


Nick Dent-Robinson

Mono Magazine

Review of  "Dandelion"

"Every track is a joy. Becky's singing and writing abilities are amazing - and the absence of whining platitudes so welcome!"



John Metcalfe

Hebden Bridge Times

Review of "Dandelion"


"Every now and again an album comes along that totally lifts the spirits. And ‘Dandelion’ is exactly that type of album - and so much more."


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"Character, skill and beauty; words that quite naturally come to mind when called on to describe the evocative way in which Becky delivers a song.


"Whether it be a light-hearted piece, or a story with more gravity, the moment she begins to sing, you can’t help but feel a sense of depth and honesty that comes directly from the heart."


ex-Steeleye Span, Albion Band

Danny Farragher, FolkAll blogspot

Review of "Dandelion"


"It's always a treat when an album grabs your attention with the opening bars of the first track. Mills has the perfect voice for folk... at its most pure, Mills' voice washes over you like a gentle sea breeze on a warm beach.


"For a first album Dandelion exudes maturity in terms of the songwriting and confidence in the singing. "

Jim Minall


Review of Becky Mills solo gig

"When I was planning Friends of Folk gigs for 2019 I thought it would be a good idea to book Becky Mills as a solo artist.  My ‘good’ idea turned out to be a brilliant one.  Becky’s performance was simply superb and the audience enjoyed a truly memorable evening of excellent songs from a very talented singer/songwriter".

"I will certainly be booking Becky again for another performance. If I do not I will have some very upset supporters.  I now await the release of her new album ‘Tall Tales and Home Truths’ so that I can relive a great night."

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