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Crazy Man Arthur

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

To the Isle of Wight for a trio gig commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the very first IoW Festival. It was quite touching to see how many original festival goers showed up! Topping the bill in 1968 was Arthur Brown who put on an incredible show half a century later.  I can only hope I am half as sprightly in 50 years time.

Arthur told me he's ditched his famous "flaming hat" now. He explained that he now favours "electrocution methods" with the audience. He was dry & witty & utterly hilarious. Weirdest of all, it turns out he's from Whitby and lives a few miles over the moors from me in North Yorkshire. Amazing to think that I've never bumped into him, but then I suppose he just blends in with the locals eh :-) ?!


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