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Squeeze me, pleeze me...

My dear friend Mark Dean joined us for the latest "Carols out of Season" recording session. He's a squeezer, he's a blower, he is music incarnate and even better he brought the family for the weekend too :-)

Mark Dean (accordion, recorders, and melodica)

Mark and have been working on three of the new songs, "Lily of the Valley", "Natalya" and "Sweet November". He's playing accordion, melodica (that cute little piano keyboard with a breathalyser tube attached to it), and a heavenly chorus of different recorders all over-dubbed on each other. Can't wait for you to hear it. It was such a lovely session, all in Gav's old living room and it's so beautiful to just take our time with it all. Thank you Mark Dean, you're the best x Here's some more pics!


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