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First album sessions underway!

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Carols Out of Season is born. Well, a bit anyway.

Hallo! Here I am laying down some early tracks for the new Carols Out of Season album. This homely setting with me in my "fluffy dinosaur oudi" is the lovely cottage where my late bruv Gavin once strutted his legendary stuff. I decided it was the perfect place to create our small but swish home studio. Yes you may ask, where is the massive 24 channel console? The banks of compressors? The ash tray and ripped studio sofa? I can't find them, they're either behind the curtains or in his ammo drawer but meantime with modern tech it's incredible what quality you can achieve with a very good mic, a decent pair of studio monitor speakers and an audio interface. So we have what we need and it sounds good so far! It is lovely and special to be recording in this space with so many happy family memories as well as heartbreak.

Right! A bit more information then. So I would say first of all, pour yourself an extra big cup of tea because this album is going to be a MIGHTY LONG PLAYER. At the moment it looks like 13 songs, possibly 14!! I'm really proud of all of them and I don't there's any filler. It's not like me to be so prolific but I have grafted and grafted, and you'll have heard one or two of them if you came to recent gigs such as "Blackbird's Wife". But we'll see. If it's not up to scratch, then out in the snow, it will go. Song titles take you on a journey from "Mansions in Scarborough" to the "Car Park Fair". I am so proud of the songs, now it's time to do them justice. So on we go with the recordings and then next up, my good friend Mark Dean is going to come to stay and put down some of his gorgeous accordion and harmonium playing. Meantime please come along to my solo shows in Nottingham (March) or Ashbourne (April) and you can hear some of the new stuff!

B x x x


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