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Cromer 'n'away

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Today I am awarding myself an additional Bahlsen Choko-Leibniz biscuit (well, the Lidl knock-off version) AND a small tot of (Aldi) gin + posh tonic (from Asda). Why? Because I just discovered I can once again pack my bucket and spade and head for CROMER next May! This is a show I've done a couple of times in recent years and there's something ever so special about it. I've done duos, trios and also the Fairport-y quintet thing but this time i'm honoured to a get a chance to trot out my new solo songs from the "Tall Tales" album. I'm already salivating at the whole thought of those noisy Cromer waves crashing into the end of the pier and interfering with the "Lady Of Ballantyne". I'm going to start putting together a crab-free picnic right away (from Morrison's).


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