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Frozen photo shoot

This weekend Dave Creffield (who produced Dandelion) came to film Ruth and me. We decided since we have no shots of us together and very little footage of us live that we needed something to promote ourselves with. I think it’s going to be just brill. We did it in Newton Church in North Yorkshire, and it was freezing. Hilariously, the photo shoot outside in the snow was warmer.

So, we filmed two songs from my new album and one of Ruth’s songs. They will definitely be in our show when we come to a venue near you. Now I need to get my head down and finish writing this album. I had 9 songs but one of them just wasn’t good enough. I’m going to either rewrite it or do away with the bugger but what ever happens I’m feeling very simulated by this bonkers weekend we’ve just had. I can feel a few songs coming on !!! X


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