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Goldeneye film commission

Something a bit different! I’ve been commissioned to write a song for an indie film, which is the sequel to “Going for Goldeneye” (2018).

"Going for Goldeneye" was, apparently, the world’s first “video game mockumentary” if you will and showcased at the Birmingham Film Festival in 2018. The production company are filming a sequel now which will be called “Bringing Back Goldeneye”.

Anyhow here is what you need to know. My song has to accompany the closing credits, and it must employ filthy language. “Cobblers”, "bum", or even stronger. You know I have previous and you know I’ll deliver the dirty goods haha!

My song basically looks back over the whole film, picking up key funny bits, taking the michael out of the characters, and spraying around a bit of gamer humour. Sounds like a large heap o' fun!! The main film score is being done by a very distinguished Hollywood composer. I wonder what he'll make of my potty mouth. Stay tuned motherhubbers!! B x x x


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