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Guitar, violin and . . . wine glasses?

Have you ever played a wine glass? No me neither. It's a great sound though isn't it! Anyway half way through recording today someone had the bright idea that a nice wine glass effect was all a certain track was missing. Having quickly scrounged a couple of glasses from the Ibis Hotel next door, it fell to my other half Gav to volunteer himself to do it. Gav's more of a beer glass man to be honest but he did a passable job. In fact after 27 overdubs it sounds lush as owt. Although his index finger is smarting bless him. Anyway here is pictorial evidence. Turns out you need two glasses - one to play, and a second "reservoir glass" for maestro to dip one's finger in, so one can keep the other one nice 'n' moist, otherwise - no more sound. QED. Slurp!


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