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The "Tall Tales" album is ready!

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

After a wintry dash down the A1 to Greenwich, the final mix (known as 'mastering') has been completed and my new album "Tall Tales and Home Truths" now has an official release date - 26th April 2019. Whooop!

Between now and then, I shall be hobnobbing with magazine reviewers, practising like mad, raiding the shops for AA batteries and fuelling up the car to take my new songs to the good citizens of this country! I've a few radio interview requests starting to come through too. It's all fantastically exciting. I'm hoping we will have pre-release copies around the beginning of February. Then it's promo time and hit the road!

If you go to my website, there's now a dedicated page with lots more detail about the album. This includes a full track listing, and synopses and bits of background to introduce you to some of the stories behind the songs. You can also see and learn about the incredible musicians who helped me with the project.

The final studio trip for mastering was a real hoot. The moment I walked in and saw - of all things - an 1860 cavalry musket (complete with fixed bayonet) on the wall I knew all would be fine and straightaway I felt the spirit of my Grandad watching over me. Track 4 on the new album ("The Gunsmith's Daughters") is all about him. Thanks Grandad! Malcolm Holmes (boss of Talking Elephant Records) popped in to say hello before sadly, retiring hurt with a violent splinter that sent him off to A&E. By then I'd had an entire bowlful of noodles on the street round the corner, so I was no help. Anyway I am digressing :

Here is where you can get more information about "Tall Tales and Home Truths"

B x


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