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New songs are on the way...

Scotland. What an inspiring place to pick up my guitar and start writing some new songs :-)

I'm just back from a fab few days' break in the fresh air of Scotland. It was absolutely slazenge-ing it down when we left North Yorkshire late on Friday - then woke to one of those miraculous days that are all chilly and clear as a bell. Straightway I whipped out my guitar!

We stayed in North Berwick (along the coast from Edinburgh) which is an old family haunt for us. It has a bit of previous as I wrote "Wheeldale Crossing" here a couple of years ago. There is a big old kitchen with an aga, a whistling kettle and the greatest acoustic ever. Certain family members were also on hand to whip out their phones and quickly video little snippets of riffs and stuff :)

My plan is to get a decent new set of songs together for next summer. These things take time I guess. Can't wait to share my new bairns with ye though. Carpe diem!!!! B x x x

That's a bit high up that :-/

Inspirational North Berwick xx


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