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Around the UK with Ruth Angell

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

What you may ask, constitutes the perfect tour? Well I'll tell you. Friendly hosts, picturesque bits of Britain, good and happy gigs and last but not least - fantastic junk shops to root around in. All these and more were perfectly in place this week! Ruth and I have been collaborating for a while now, and are starting to develop our own style. Ruth plays guitar, pump harmonium, fiddle and lots else too probably and I play, well, guitar. We play my songs, her songs and one or two covers . It's lovely. Thank you to the good folk of Mrs Yarrington's, Lowdham and Kingswinford for a great few days. The crapsidermy will linger long in my memory too. A marvellous wild-boar coat-rack complete with V-signs :)


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