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Stu-stu-stu-Studio time!

Anyway so last Thursday and Friday I was in Chesterfield recording some bits and bobs for Ashley Hutchings MBE. It was a proper old school studio and smelt like studios should. Cigarettes and electrical things and fan heaters. I loved it!

I must say I felt very out of my league with the other musicians there. Blair Dunlop and the rest of his trio Fred (drums) and JJ (keys). Outstanding in their field they left me standing in my patio 😂.

Anyway soon it’ll be time to get recording my album. I’ve got 9 songs but would like at least 3 more so

I have the choice of booting some out. Feel free to email with song ideas. I work well under threat or competition. Recording a music vid the weekend after next with Ruth Angell. We must not have a gin tasting again!! - until afterwards anyway...


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