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Telling Solo Tales in Leyland...

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

"Friends of Folk" (Leyland) - 07.02.19

Hi everyone! Here are some photos from my recent "pre-launch" gig at "Friends of Folk" in Leyland - a totally lovely if slightly nerve-wracking experience for me!

This was a bit of a personal milestone as I motored through a couple of solo sets including all of the new "Tall Tales and Home Truths" songs. As a special treat, my old pal Ken Nicol joined me on stage at the end for a couple of encores. It was such a relief to see a full house of happy faces including many friends of old, and I think they liked it. Plus I took quite a few pre-orders for the album, which is released on 26.04.19 :-)

GIG REVIEW by Jim Minall- Friends of Folk

"When I was planning Friends of Folk gigs for 2019 I thought it would be a good idea to book Becky Mills as a solo artist.  My ‘good’ idea turned out to be a brilliant one.  Becky’s performance was simply superb and the audience enjoyed a truly memorable evening of excellent songs from a very talented singer/songwriter".

"I will certainly be booking Becky again for another performance. If I do not I will have some very upset supporters.  I now await the release of her new album ‘Tall Tales and Home Truths’ so that I can relive a great night."

If you're up in Lancashire, please support Friends of Folk. They have been going many years and it's one of the friendliest clubs I can remember. Jim and his wife and all of the sound & lighting team are so warmly welcoming and do a brilliant job. I even got served up with my favourite veg samosas beforehand! Their next gig features the great Rick Kemp (ex Steeleye) so don't miss that one. B x


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