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"Winter" CD released with Paul Evans

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Earlier this year I received a commission from Paul Evans (the Suffolk artist) to write a new song to accompany his annual exhibition for 2018, entitled "Winter". Well I've written it, I've recorded it, and now it's out on a mini CD!

Paul Evans is a quite amazingly talented artist based in Suffolk. His gallery, in Lavenham, is hosting his "Winter" exhibition from November 3rd through to Saturday December 2nd. I urge you to go along and take a look at his works. The paintings quite literally take your breath away. I'm just honoured even to be associated with the whole thing. The exhibition even features some of my initial studies and scribbles that eventually turned in to the finished song in and amongst Paul's canvases.

To accompany the exhibition, each year Paul also sends out a bound catalogue to his patrons and fans. This year, for the 2018 edition my mini-CD will be included with each catalogue. As well as the new "Winter" song, the CD also features a new version of "Crocuses", one of the songs that's appearing on my next album. If you're very lucky, and you're on Paul's mailing list - then you'll be hearing it some time soon... !

Some kind words from Paul :

"What a joy it has been working with Becky on our collaboration, joining her songs with our Winter themed exhibition. She is such a wonderful talent and so original, she deserves huge acclaim for her new album that will be coming out in the new year"

"I love listening to Becky’s songs while I’m painting in my studio. I’m already plotting and scheming future projects and hoping I might entice Becky to join forces again"

More information about Paul Evans here


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