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Roads, reviews and radio roundups...

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

It's been a busy few weeks at Mills Towers. The reviews are starting to come in for my new album! Eeeek!!! It looks like I'm going to be on the road pretty solidly through March and April but I've squeezed in some really enjoyable radio interviews, plus getting radio plays as the pre-release copies start to get picked up on the folk circuit. (Quick note : remember the CD is not yet on general release, but you can pre-order it here! xx)

It's been fun to catch up with a range of BBC radio presenters including my old friends Sue Marchant and Genevieve Tudor. I did some interviews with BBC Radio Lincolnshire & BBC Radio Shropshire which is always a bit terrifying and harder than you realise (especially with that weird built-in delay!). Also Frank Hennessy on BBC Radio Wales said some very touching things about my new songs and even read out the little synopses that are included on the lyric sheets.

For all my Arkansas-based fans out there, y'all please note that Little Rock based radio station "From Albion and Beyond" will be spinning "The Lady of Ballantyne" and "No Tears for my Fisherman" a bunch of times on kinda heavy rotation - true dat! On FM KUAR89.1, as I'm sure you're aware.

Just in case I needed any more fantastic things in my life that begin with "R", i went out and bought a 20-yr old Romahome heehee :-) anyways, here is a quick roundup ....

“I couldn’t take it off of the CD player. Cracking songs, lovely stories – just beautiful things”

Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire "Sunday Folk"

"A beautiful album. Really, really good songs, well sung

Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio "Celtic Heartbeat"

“Becky Mills has a vocal that enchants and commands the listener’s attention”

Jason Richie, GetReadyToRock

“Fabulous album. Beautiful, moving songs and stories. Tasteful arrangements. And sublime vocals!”

Andy Spiller – Hypercoaster Music

By the way, please do tune in to the Durbervilles (BBC Radio Leeds) where I'll be doing a live session soon. The date is : Sunday May 19th, at 7.30pm. Toodle-oo!!!

On the road with Ash at the moment (Fairport Beginnings show) as well as a range of solo spots coming up. Bye-ee! B xx


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